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Amber Murphy

So who am I and why the heck am I here? I could tell you my name (It's Amber), and in my subsequent sharing, you may even get a somewhat accurate impression of a personality. But that won't even touch on the more important matter of whether or not what I really am shines through sufficiently enough for you to "see" it and allow it to spark the fire in you to become more aware of the Truth about your own beautiful Self. Still, I suppose it's as good a question as any to start with. Perhaps some more important questions to ask are, "Am I going to give you something you (think you) want?" And of equal importance to that, I might dare you to ask yourself, are you willing to explore the deeper question of what it is you really want, without even knowing that you want it (yet)? And while I am confident that you do, "Are you ready to go for it at this time?" might be a more appropriate question still. This is one I've asked myself a good many times since embarking upon this Emergence Care adventure, I assure you!

I'm being intentionally ambiguous here (It's part of my charm). Because you see, nothing in this world is fully reliable and yet, we place our trust in it time and time again. We place it in all sorts of hands and in all kinds of ways and we get upset when we are let down over and over again. And eventually we get tired and sometimes run down, even to the point of physical illness. But before you get discouraged, please continue to read this, because there really is a silver lining there. Heck, it's even brighter than silver even. Because the thing is, there IS a constant and reliable something that we absolutely can depend on, and this is what myself, and other fellow practitioners of this beautiful work have (sometimes begrudgingly) come to know.

There is a consistent, reliable source of love, comfort and healing that is ever present and available for us to tap into whenever we need it, if only we remember where to look for it! Look. I'm not a big fan of woo woo, which explaining what we do can conjure in the suspicions of the mind, but I was miserable and depressed for a long time and when I finally got to what felt like the end of my rope with it all. I was introduced to this incredibly simple and straightforward approach to actual healing and it has impacted my experience in ways I could not fathom prior. And I've had some pretty impressive experiences! Did all my symptoms magically disappear? No. They did not. But I'll tell you what did happen and continues to happen, even when I'm not sharing Emergence Care sessions for a while. My number one and personal favorite benefit is, AN INCREASINGLY GREATER PEACE OF MIND. Let's just say that if ever there was a miracle in my experience here on Earth, achieving any degree of peace of mind would top the list, because I have been anxiety filled and socially uncomfortable for as long as I can remember and now I quite simply, am not.

If you'd like to explore the possibility of increasing peace in your own mind, Em Sevol and myself work together in support of this endeavor. It is our heart-felt honor to share in healing with all who endeavor to explore this with us.

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