Carmen Straight

Carmen Straight practices in Duncan, British Columbia.

Carmen Straight, ECP
Emergence Care Canada

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Carmen Straight

Carmen Straight has a diverse background of experiences and trainings. She has studied integrated complimentary health care modalities for over 30 years.  Carmen owned a successful clinic in British Columbia as a network base for local practitioners for 4 years and collaborated with Naturopaths and Doctors with their patients.

She has traveled the world for work, pleasure, intensive devotional pilgrimages, and for personal retreats. For 5 years she successfully managed and led the Maitreya Project Heart Shrine Relic tour and the holy Buddha relics into 19 countries and 266 cities.

The last several years have opened exciting new paths -- being and healing with horses, learning didjeridoo, and facilitating Emergence Care with humans and horses. She recently completed the training and certification for Emergence Care Practitioner.

Carmen has co-founded several spiritual non profit organizations including most recently her own: "I Lotus" www.ilotus.ca -- a registered Canadian nonprofit that supports Love, Oneness and Freedom through the unification of Body, Mind and Spirit to inspire Individual and Global Transformation.

"I practice in Duncan, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario; Prescott, Arizona and other areas of the world. I look forward to sharing with you the most profound and effective healing art I have come across in many years. This has transformed me from the inside out, my mind is clearer, my body healthier, my heart at peace and a Love within that keeps expanding beyond my imagination."

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