Catherine Trester

Catherine Trester, ECP
Lakewood, Colorado


By Appointment

Catherine Trester

In practicing Emergence care, I feel like I have finally come home.

After receiving my first Emergence care session, I knew this was different than any other work I had experienced. I noticed changes in every area of my life (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) which led to a knowing that I needed to learn how to provide this for others.

I love Emergence care because it's a synthesis of modalities that have shaped my life personally.

It's a mirror to my own background. I have spent many years working in healthcare, scientific research, and have been a technical trainer and facilitator in the corporate environment. In addition, I've always explored spirituality, including A Course in Miracles, Science of Mind, Abraham, and many other sacred teachings. Through my spiritual background and my work experiences, I've come to know that there is more to healing than can be described in physical terms. The mind and body have amazing healing power, and I have found that this work allows profound healing to occur.

Providing Emergence Care is my honor and privilege, and I am always amazed at the profound effects this gentle, loving work has on clients.

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