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Ariadne was raised in the country North of Fort Collins, Colorado. When she wasn't carousing around the foothills of the Rocky Mountains she was traveling with her family to different countries and continents. She would say that she was raised by the wind and breeze, always shifting and moving and growing. Ariadne strikes a unique balance in her life and approach to healing arts. She walks and works in such mirage-like places: the spaces and ideas often left unexplored; finding harmony between the outer realms and inner worlds.

Since graduating from Prescott College in 2012, Ariadne has been based in the Northern portions of the Sonoran Desert. There she has been engaged in various activist and community based projects that involve deepening relations to land, people and plants.

Ariadne currently works with the Peony Mystery School where the potentials are as limitless as the open skies. And the depths through which we are capable of shifting tectonic plates in our collective healing are as deep and effulgent as the monsoon rains.

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