Edie Dillon

Prescott, AZ

By Appointment


Edie Dillon

My life has been shaped by remarkable experiences in beloved wild places as an environmental educator and advocate. I hold a BS from the University of Washington College of Forest Resources and have been privileged to serve as a ranger in North Cascades National Park, develop recycling education for the City of Bellingham, Washington, and join art and nature in community outreach for the Verde River in Arizona.

Over time, communicating through visual art became as important to me as communicating through the concrete and factual language of science so I focused my master's thesis research on the transformative power of art. I have an active studio practice making sculpture in which I seek a potent and authentic visual language.

I showed up in Steven Teagarden's network chiropractic office about 10 years ago with a host of the usual symptoms; sore neck, tight back, etc., but began to notice changes on a deeper level as the work helped me hone and commit to myself as an artist. You might say I came for the pain and stayed for the gain. I couldn't explain it, and given my background in science and a fairly active anti woo- woo persona, it is remarkable that I really didn't care about the explanation. Something extraordinary was clearly at work in me. As Steven moved into working with presence in Emergence Care, the deep healing that allowed me to reconnect with spirit (aka the Divine, love, God, life force, the Creator) accelerated. Specifically, I felt less angry, more accepting; less anxious, more loving; less controlled by expectations, more guided by heart. Last spring I headed a small but certain voice encouraging me to become an Emergence Care practitioner.

I see my Emergence Care practice as a seamless extension of my work as an artist and environmental advocate; a prayer for the life force to work with and through me. I have seen that as we come to understand that all that is, is built of the same loving energy, we begin to unclench and allow new perspectives. We are more able to treat ourselves, each other, and the earth with loving-kindness. We become more joyful, more creative, more in love with the beautiful world.

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