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Em Sevol

Are you ready to awaken from the dream of suffering?

Are you yearning for the peace beyond conflict?

Are you willing to admit you don't have the answer?

Are you willing to turn within and seek the only true guidance you have ever found and ever will?

Then you might be ready for Emergence Care to help you gently lift the veil of separation, tears and ignorance with which you have been "protecting" yourself, only to discover you require no protection and you are free.

Emergence Care has freed me from the nightmare I created for myself and continues to show me deeper and more insidious dreams I carefully hid from myself. By amplifying the Voice within, by teaching me how to not interfere with Truth, by bolstering my faith in Love through ever increasing Trust of the Life that pours through my own heart, Emergence Care has been the catalyst that has completely changed my life and awakened me from a nightmare into the Presence of Love Itself.

This very same Love is inside All of us and we want to share it with you. We want to share your Purity, your Love which is our greatest and only treasure. As you discover your true identity as Love, you no longer need to pretend you or anyone else is evil and needs to be attacked, and when you no longer need to attack or defend, you no longer feel attacked and you are free and you are happy.

This is not an overnight process designed to give you the illusion that your nightmare has improved, but rather a complete awakening to the fact that you were only dreaming. Only then can the nightmare truly end. Until you awaken it will merely change forms. How many forms have you explored? And yet not one of them has satisfied your longing for Love, Peace and Joy.

This, we would share with you. If you had Peace, Love and Joy, what need would you have for suffering? Beyond your belief that sacrifice will bring you reward is the Truth that sacrifice only brings suffering, and that Love is already yours. Now.

Love is waiting to emerge from the dark shadows of your heart, to make everything right again. Learning to care for your emergent Self is not a skill you have, but a gift you will receive.

Amber Murphy and I work together simultaneously to share these gifts with you, and to help you sort the truth inside yourself from all the lies you have accumulated and mistaken for truth. As you sort truth from fiction you gradually uncover your true identity and that identity is the Freedom you have yearned for relentlessly with every breath of your life.

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