Jennifer Wrobel

Jennifer Wrobel

119 Grove Ave., Prescott, AZ

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Jennifer Wrobel

I have been working in the healing arts most of my life. It began as an exploration of my own healing, and in so many ways, it continues to be that still. My work is a form of spiritual practice for me. I love what I do, and I love sharing it.

The depth of my exploration of facilitating healing work for others began in 1994. I studied with an energy healer in Tucson, Arizona for two years, and learned work similar to the work Barbara Brennan describes in her book, Hands of Light. I practiced this energy work for a couple years before I decided to go to massage school. I graduated, a certified massage therapist, from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, in Tucson, in April of 2000. I added massage therapy to my practice, and combined the two modalities for many years. I explored other healing arts along the way, but more with interest than commitment. I learned Reiki, in 2009, fell in love with its beautiful simplicity, and began teaching Reiki in 2011. Over those years, I thought for certain, the combination of working with the energy field and the physical body would lead to deep lasting healing on every level. And once in a while, it did. But, it wasn't common, or consistent. It was all beautiful, helpful, and powerfully healing in many ways. Still, somehow, it wasn't the level of healing I knew was possible.

In 2011, I discovered Emergence Care. I was receiving Emergence Care, and it changed my life in the most freeing and beautiful ways, on every level of my existence. My physical structure changed quickly and profoundly for the better, my emotional baseline changed to a more peaceful state, my mental perspective changed, all life opened up to more possibilities and more choices. I knew, almost immediately, I wanted to learn how to do this work and share it with everyone I could. Emergence Care was the missing piece I was searching for in my exploration of healing. It taught me that all healing is of the mind, and what that really means.

I became an Emergence Care Practitioner in June, of 2013. Now I have the blessed opportunity to witness deep set, long held tensions melting away, people's lives opening up, destructive patterns falling away, more ease and grace working in their lives. And, much more… It is a great honor to work with people in this way.

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