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Michael MacDonald

Durango, Colorado

Special occasional appointments on the Western Slope, in Ridgeway and Grand Junction, CO, and Farmington, NM

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Michael MacDonald

All of my life has been enveloped in the realms of esoteric, energy manipulation, homeopathic medicine, consciousness raising technique, healthy eating knowledge, intuitive healing practices, and herbal medicine.

I headed off to college with the idea of becoming a medical doctor and changing the system from within to use more naturopathic and energetic methods of returning people to a state of balanced expression in their lives.

My parents were labeled "Health Nuts." My dad often stated to us that this existence was really an illusion. My sisters and I grew up being taught that our body expression was a reflection of our energy body and all of what we saw as reality was created out of and first existed in the "Ethereal fields." We ended up experiencing in our story things that most people would feel were just wacko or made up in our minds and projected as truth. I started doing what most people called intuitive healing on other people in my teens, but really did not know what was happening. It wasn't till my 50s that I began to describe what was occurring with a more clear description and give it more structure.

There was always the fact that people's dis-easements stemmed from their mind creation or external universal belief before it showed up in physical form. I have watched numerous new modalities and tracked most of the ancient established ones and rarely see truly lasting results. EC changed that and released the pressure of having to sustain a story or idea construct around why something "was" or how to manipulate it into another state or new idea state. Releasing and falling into presence opens all the possibilities without any charge of intention and that is why it is so profound.

I am honored to be part of the EC community and look forward to helping clients find their way home.

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