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Michael Knapp

Flagstaff, Arizona

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Michael Knapp

I first discovered Emergence Care in 2013. At that time, I had a thriving naturopathic medical practice, loving family and an active social life that should have given a sense of fulfillment. But there was still something missing in my life. Through receiving Emergence Care, I have experienced more physical freedom and less pain, healthier relationships, better communication with loved ones and a greater sense of peace and joy in life. It has been a profound tool to navigate the stress of the modern world through acceptance and gratitude. I was drawn to holistic medicine after working as a nurse's aide where invasive surgeries and handfuls of pills were the only solutions for patients. I believed there was a right time for every treatment but there had to be another approach to health that was safe and empowering. I now use Emergence Care as a complement for holistic health plans to enable patients to heal in a deeply meaningful, lasting way. Emergence Care is the synergistic element for your inner health to take root and flourish.


Dr. Mike is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor at Root Natural Health in Flagstaff, AZ. He practices family and pediatric medicine with a focus in digestive, allergic, hormone and neurologic complaints (including ADHD, MS, anxiety/depression). He is also faculty at ASIS Massage School in Flagstaff where he teaches Structure and Function. He serves as a board member of Naturopaths International (NI) Internal Review Board and as a physician providing community health outreach for NI.

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