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Nicole O'Henley

My journey into the healing arts fields, and to ultimately becoming an Emergence Care Practitioner, began back in 1995. I knew nothing about the alternative or holistic health care approaches. You see, I had every intention of becoming a Registered Nurse. I had completed all the required college courses and was about to start the internship portion of the program when the Northridge earthquake hit and changed the course of my life.

My family and I relocated to South Orange County for a fresh start. I soon discovered the local RN internship program was impacted and was wait-listed for more than a year out. To help pass the time, I decided to take a part-time position in a chiropractic office where I was introduced to a unique light-force approach called Network Spinal Analysis. (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), developed by Dr. Donald Epstein. I received such incredible healing on all levels from this work and it opened my eyes to a whole other paradigm I didn't even know existed for me or others. Since then, the healing arts fields became my greatest passion. I received certification as an SRI Wellness Educator and spent the next 13 years assisting both front and back office positions in two of the busiest NSA offices in Southern California. Also, to continue honing my kinesthetic skills, I chose to become a Certified Massage Therapist.

As I became more aware that physical symptoms are often deeply intertwined in the nervous system with our emotional thoughts and states, I decided to attend the University of Santa Monica Transformational Psychology MA program to further assist those in the practice needing deeper integration mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually while they progressed through care.

Being an Emergence Care Practitioner is about understanding the human capacity for healing and that it always comes from within. I truly understand clients are the most important part of their healing, for healing is an innate attribute of all human beings and I receive immense satisfaction and joy in helping others discover and connect to this simple but powerful truth about their core nature.

I invite you to experience the transformational work of Emergence Care and Somato Respiratory Integration and I look forward to serving you in the near future,

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