Steve Wurzel

Stephen Wurzel

Franklin, Nashville and middle Tennessee

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Stephen Wurzel

During Spring Break of 2014, my wife and I flew to Denver to visit our son Ben. When he picked us up at the airport, he asked if we'd like to go to his office and try Emergence. "Sure" we said. Ben had just finished his third Emergence module and was a fully trained practitioner. That first time Ben emerged me was life changing. I knew that I had to learn how to do this, even if I did nothing else in my life.

When I was twenty years old I traveled to Kyoto, Japan to study and sit zazen with a renowned Zen Master at Daitokuji Temple. I trained for seven months with Kobori Roshi and then did another forty years of zazen on my own.

Emergence has been more powerful than my 40 years of sitting. After discovering this transformative healing art, I closed down a very successful media company. My entire focus was to become an Emergence practitioner and deepen my ability to serve others. On February 28th of 2015 that dream was realized. My heart and doors are open. Please come see me and give Emergence Care a try, I believe you'll be happy that you did.

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