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Terese Schoen Taggart

North Carolina

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Terese Schoen Taggart

"All you need is LOVE" (Beatles)......kept ringing through her ears during Module III. Life was changing even more....in profound ways. Twenty-nine years ago vivacious Terese endured a severe spinal cord injury which parlayed into tunnel blindness, chronic migraines, loss of sensation, and years later fibromyalgia. Written off from the Mayo Clinic and told she'd never do more than walk again after under going a series of cervical spinal cord injections (which are no longer done as many people ended up paralyzed or died) Terese lost hope. She was mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually lost. She felt misunderstood, betrayed, and broken. After a few years of acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, cranial-therapy, being prayed over by nuns, physical therapy....and whatever else you want to throw in there....improvements were happening; yet no way living a "normal" life. She got to a point of denial and acceptance. Not healthy acceptance; accepting of I've had enough, this is as good as it's going to get, smile, and fake it. UUhhggg!

Along came Nia. A life style fitness practice where she experienced no pain. A sensation she hadn't had in 22 years. Her light inside came on and a spark of hope ignited. She's now a Nia Brown Belt and she started to open back up to....Let's get healing. She started moving, dancing, and regained passion. Wow! She has been teaching classes for almost 7 years now. She was seeking more modalities to heal. More of her woke up. She was now accepting her gifts ( seeing people from the beyond) of who she was when she came into this world. She then became a Spiritual Life Coach, Bio-Energy Feedback Specialist and opened her own business. Always open to new things along came Emergence Care. When she heard this involves God. She knew this is it. Who else to help "fix" you but the Creator/designer himself? The simultaneous, "Duh, Aha" moment. This was the voice that has been singing to her. A modality that permanently heals you when you don't even know where to start with what's going on let alone can put it into words.....and often you simply don't have to. God with love already knows. Without hesitation she enrolled in the first module and mind, body, spirit, emotion began to heal.

In Mod II her life was to forever change again. Not only did her cervical neck and all tissues completely heal....ALL the memory of 29 years of PTDS were gone too. So many areas of life and many life times are cleaning and clearing...and it doesn't stop. Finding the light within, being brave to embrace it, and trusting all is well. God=Love. All we all need...... is LOVE.

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