Douglas Barber

Douglas Barber

Douglas Barber

5604 Southwest Parkway, #1635
Austin. TX. 78735

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Having broken my back twice in my early 20's, I have been searching for alternative therapies that would help me regain my strength and flexibility, as well as, reduce chronic pain. It has been through this journey of massage, chiropractic, meditation, network spinal analysis and many other therapies that I came across Emergence Care nearly 8 years ago.

Whereas other treatments were helpful and not long term curatives, Emergence Care has been different. It is both immensely positive and transformative at many different levels. Physically, I have healed with this work and my strength and flexibility have returned. Emotionally, it has helped me to recognize my own stressors and to re-engage my life with an awareness that keeps my stress levels down. Mentally, I am able to keep the "squirrel cage" syndrome to a bare minimum, and all of these aspects combined allow me to walk through life with a sense of my self as a spiritual being able to help myself and others in this life.

It was 19 years ago that I came across a practice that held many new possibilities for me. This was Shen Qi meditation, a seated form of Qi Gong. It was here that I first connected with this universal healing energy that we call "presence" in Emergence Care. When asked what my goal was with this meditation I replied, " I will practice this energy form each day, all day, every day til the end of this life. Universe has a great sense of humor and this same energy I discovered meditating so long ago is exactly the same energy I touch into while facilitating Emergence Care.

As an Emergence Care practitioner I've seen others restore their own health, whether it is calming their emotions, restoring their own physical health or proceeding along their own spiritual path. I am clear that Emergence Care is a powerful new practice and I am grateful to witness the profound changes that are possible for people receiving this care.

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