Eva-Maria practices in Prescott, Arizona.

Integrated Healing
Prescott, Arizona

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Eva-Maria is a gifted energetic healer whose studies in healing modalities have found her in exotic locations such as Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Nepal and finally Sedona Arizona where she discovered Emergence Care.

Eva-Maria believes that the healer may only heal as they have been healed and that all healing extends from the healer and client’s relationship with God. Her understanding of the nature of healing began with her own pain and the discovery that she could connect at extraordinary levels with inner resources. Her first experience in healing was in Hong Kong where she studied Acupressure with a Chinese Doctor. Following this she was trained in Idstein Germany as a Reiki Master by Joerg Antl and received training in Counseling Skills and Relationship Dynamics in India under Svagito R. Liebermeister. Eva-Maria also trained in Hamburg, Germany under Roger Vaisey & Greta Mildenberg in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and was certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy. By this time she had advanced far enough in her own healing to study under a great healer from Bavaria, L. Vielau with whom she mastered the four levels of healing. Eva-Maria then trained directly under Kahu Fred Sterling adding Signature Cell Healing to her list of healing modalities. With the discovery of Emergence Care and the help of Dr. Steven Teagarden, she was able to integrate her diverse trainings under one Modality.

Eva-Maria has lectured and conducted seminars in locations as diverse as Dusseldorf Germany and Vienna Austria. She maintained a practice in the Taunus Mountains above Frankfurt Germany where she made her home before moving to Sedona Arizona. She is married and has three adult children. Her husband writes and teaches while her daughter owns a thriving photography business and her two sons are both in the healing arts.

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