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Dr. Tom Close

Discovering Emergence Care has been an answer to an unspoken prayer I've had ever since I can remember -- a hope for lasting peace, happiness, and wholeness. I'm very grateful for the difference it has made in my personal and professional life.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic of almost 40 years, with degrees and postgraduate certifications in acupuncture, homeopathy, bio-energetics and several 'cutting edge' chiropractic techniques, it also offers me a way to extend a more profound healing modality to those that contact me for care. I'm privileged to have had excellent mentors in these techniques -- but with my training as an Emergence Care Practitioner, I have a precious gift that opens one not only to mental/emotional/physical healing, but also to the beauty, poetry and mystery of our existence.

Having been involved in an extensive list of spiritual and self-awareness endeavors since I was a teenager -- including travels to India and China -- all of which have been enriching, my training in and practice of Emergence Care is the flowering of that 'seeking' and is now the keystone of my 'spiritual practice.'

It's apparent after all these years of personal and clinical experience that ultimately all true healing comes from the spiritual/mental dimension. It has been stated that "when one is healed, one is not healed alone." That the developer of Emergence Care, Dr. Steven Teagarden, heard these words, and through commitment and what must have been Divine guidance, found a way that practitioner and client can join in dedication to our highest nature, and allow healing in an immediate and unmistakable manner, continues to inspire me.

If you have a desire for feeling more peace, aliveness, flexibility, sense of self worth and purpose, and perhaps even a desire to experience more vividly the charm and majesty of who we are, it's possible.

Emergence Care can be a very valuable catalyst for that opening, and I love sharing this work with anyone who is led to check it out!

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