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The "I" in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are "we"

— Author unknown

How is Emergence Care put into practice?

Emergence care is not a technique, protocol or a set of memorized procedures that are applied systematically to all people in the same way. Rather, it’s a dynamic healing art in which the practitioner enters into an extraordinarily deep state of presence. This state is more than just heightened concentration and focus, more than a learned routine on the part of the practitioner and the recipient. It’s a connection with a level of the Mind that is often referred to as the Higher Self or Soul realm.

Connection with this part of Mind is more common in less technologically developed cultures, though is often a mystery to those in more fast paced, industrialized environments in which living with unprecedented levels of stress has become the norm. What is the impediment to this level of Mind? Stress.

This level of Mind is classically described as having levels, namely Subtle, Causal and Non-Dual levels. Mind, with a capital M, denotes any of these levels, and not the conscious mind that we think and plan with. Briefly, Subtle energy surrounds the physical body and corresponds to it. Causal energy corresponds to the personal soul, and Non-Duality is beyond any individuation and translates as “not two,” i.e. One. Not to be equated with what is today commonly referred to as “Oneness,” Non-Duality is not consciousness, because consciousness, by definition, must have a subject interacting with an object, and subject/object interaction cannot occur and simultaneously be called “Oneness.” In Non-Duality, there is no “I” that exists. Non-Duality isn’t nothing. It isn’t something. It’s Everything. It’s not physical, it is pure Mind in which no interaction or change is possible. A simple way of stating this is that if something can change, it exists in duality, or (lower case) mind. The level of mind that we as humans identify as cannot contemplate Everything. Everything in Its Permanence is wholly formless, changeless and eternal. The brain cannot play the software of Mind. From our limited, brain-bound perspective, we think that the universe is Everything and it seems that anything outside of the universe is non-existent. The brain we believe that we think with is so limited as to be utterly incapable of accurate perception.

This part of Mind is always available to everyone everywhere, but typically remains unconscious to us because our everyday waking awareness has become so focused on simply managing the stuff of life. Presence opens a doorway to Mind. These levels of Mind don’t exist in specific locations; they don’t exist “out there” somewhere. They aren’t external to you. They are always internal. Many people today undertake a spiritual practice such as meditation, contemplation, devotion, prayer, yoga, sangha, tai chi or chi gong to quiet the mind with which they’ve become so identified in order to allow Mind to shine forth, to emerge. Why? Somehow, we all know that there’s more, far more than the lives we’re living. Try as we may, we all feel a longing for connection with something that seems beyond our ability to grasp or name. We can’t even conceptualize it, much less experience as a continual state. This elusive state is who you really are, and is available always. It is never outside you. It is not that it has been withheld from us, but rather that we withhold ourselves from the awareness of it by choosing against it.

Emergence Care is based on the tenet that when a practitioner enters into a state of presence—a state of connection with Subtle, Causal or Non-Dual energy—the Emergence Care recipient will be positively influenced. The primary focus of the practitioner is to enter into and abide in presence. Once this is accomplished, the practitioner generally works with specific energetic areas within the space surrounding the recipient. These areas, known as sushumna nadi and chakras, become increasingly sensitive, receptive and open to energies from these “higher” aspects of Mind, and they will actually develop further due to the practitioner being in a state of presence and working with them. Without presence, interacting with these energetic areas will not lead to significant emergence. When practitioners who are abiding in presence work with people, it’s common for powerful, lasting improvement to occur. Typically there are improvements in multiple aspects of people’s lives: physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual, as they are interrelated.

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