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Heavy thoughts bring on physical maladies; when the soul is oppressed so is the body

— Martin Luther

Why you need Emergence Care & don't know it yet

We all experience stress. If we don’t have the ability to manage it, it builds up as tension in the brain, body and energetic structures contiguous with the body.  This tension is the accumulation of years of mental, emotional, physical and chemical stress that is stored in every cell of your body.  It’s stored in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, intestines, organs, spine, spinal cord and brain.  This tension stretches and alters the structure and function of every tissue and membrane in your body, of every molecule, which impacts every function that takes place within you from your biochemistry to your neurochemistry, your digestion, consciousness and energy.  There is not one thing that this tension doesn't interfere with.  It’s everywhere. Chronic stress typically leads to armoring of the psyche and body.

This build up of years of stress in your body has devastating effects on all areas of your life and health.  It closes down the energetic structures surrounding your physical body. It leads to poor posture, which exerts chronic mechanical tension on your spinal cord and spinal nerves, and typically leads to degeneration of the vertebrae and discs.  It influences your moods, thoughts, immune system, stress response and impairs your ability to make empowering choices.  Most people go through life without any idea that there’s something they can do to dissipate this tension, and it just continues to build up.  Most everyone describes that it wasn’t until their tension began to drop away that they became aware how much of it was there, and how devastating the effects of it were on their lives!  Tragically, we go through life continuing to do the very things that generated the stress and tension in the first place, and it’s not until it begins to abate that we’re aware that there’s a problem that we must attend to.

 If someone is experiencing symptoms and/or disease, simply reducing their condition without addressing the underlying issues that caused the condition to become manifest may allow the person to be more comfortable, yet this will not lead to making the changes that life is requiring, and it will not lead to healing - and the condition often recurs.  Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, Emergence Care is about allowing the Power within that created you to emerge and develop, because until you change from the inside out – until you change your mind and your energy, which projects the body - anything you apply from the outside in can only have limited, often temporary effects.  Emergence Care recognizes that what’s “wrong” is life letting you know that you’ve gone past the point of adaptability and change is now required.  The larger the problem, the greater the need for life change.  The power within is the only thing that can heal you, and this is very good news.  The healer you’ve been searching for lives inside you, waiting for release. 

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