Judi Whitewater

Judi Whitewater

Judi Whitewater

Sedona, Arizona

By Appointment

(928) 300-8630

I was always looking for that elusive ‘something more’ to life. I studied psychology at Durham University, England, and then worked as a social worker in London for several years. During that time I immersed myself in the alternative therapies of the Human Potential movement, notably Bioenergetics. Then I traveled in India and Nepal where I became fascinated by Eastern philosophies and various meditation techniques. Finally I settled here in the USA, attempting to live these teachings in the context of everyday life and work. This was more challenging than I anticipated, and drove me to explore further tools for living.

Eventually I found my way to Dr. Steven Teagarden, and in Emergence Care I am experiencing the profound healing I always longed for since it both supports the release of the negative emotions and patterns that are keeping me contracted, and also opens up the inner space so that I see things differently, and can have new responses in both the inner and outer worlds.

I especially love Emergence since it is not something the practitioner is ‘doing’ but rather something they are inviting or facilitating, something which takes place uniquely within each recipient, and in a timing that is right for them.

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