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Life was OK, nothing stellar. I had friends, activities, interests, a busy schedule, no more than the usual disappointments and not a lot of meaning. Just an ordinary kind of life.

Suddenly I became ill, really ill, unable to work, frequently unable to care for myself and unable to walk. Nothing was the same anymore. I spent a long, long time that way, trying endless conventional and alternative approaches to get better or even just feel better. Then I found a way through, rather than a way out. And now I am better, better than before I got sick, better than I ever imagined I could be.

Emergence was my turning point, my road through—and now out. It gave me an experience of what was beyond, it let me go into my heart, and from it I found joy. Emergence got me started and kept me going, supporting me in seeing myself, giving me courage, and bringing me back to the motivation of joy.

I love sharing this miraculous joy. That’s why I took the next step to become an Emergence practitioner in 2011, as soon as the training was available. Both through receiving and providing care, I find that Emergence is non-invasive and completely individual, maximally life enhancing and optimum for that person’s wholeness at that juncture in their own journey. They heal in their own way in their own time in their own life.

I bring my whole self to this work. Practicing Emergence nourishes my own continuing growth and brings me joy every time I do it. It’s my honor and joy to share my joy with you.

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