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Roy Willey

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I wasn't always a very nice person.

In fact, not long ago, the word people typically used to describe me was, "surly." I was reactive, judgmental, and often very angry.

Years of pervasive stress had built up inside me, contributing to a baseline state of chronic tension and a general dissatisfaction with life, (something I found ironic, since I had all those things that supposedly lead to happiness — a good job, a nice house, a loving family, etc.)

That progressed into chronic depression, which eventually morphed into chronic pain, and nothing I tried seemed to help.

I sought relief in a variety of ways. Yoga. Meditation. Medication. Stimulation. Finally I met and became a client of Dr. Steven Teagarden, and that's really when things in my life began to change for the better.

It was more than just relief from pain. That was just a bonus. Receiving this work seemed to foster a sense of peace and well being that influenced all aspects of my life.

As I released stored tension in my body, my ability to cope with stress increased. As I perceived life from a more relaxed state, I opened my awareness to unconscious patterns I'd been repeating my entire life. As my emotional and physical armor dissipated, I could see more clearly a connection to my higher Self, my purpose, and other people in my world.

Feeling this change in myself, and seeing remarkable changes in other people's lives, led me to realize that learning to help others in this way was the next step on my path.

I was trained as an Emergence Care Practitioner in 2011.

What draws me to Emergence Care is its tenet that all healing comes from within. We all have a connection to an "inner healer," a higher source of wisdom that knows better than any practitioner, doctor, or therapist what needs to happen for us to heal on every level of our life.

As a practitioner, my job is to help a person regain their ability to connect with that higher source so their healing can begin from the inside out. And the bonus for me now is that practicing the work helps me continue my own healing as I help others.

Am I always a perfectly nice person now? Of course not. But I can honestly say that I always know I have a choice. And the vast majority of the time I'm able to choose for peace, happiness, love and forgiveness.

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