Practitioner & Student Testimonials

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

To be understood as to understand;

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned....

— From the Prayer of
St. Francis of Assisi

What people are saying about Emergence Care training:

Emergence Care training is the most significant experience of my life, and has brought forth long-awaited changes within me. After 30 years of seeking deep healing and a sense of inner fulfillment via a variety of workshops and seminars, plus meditation, still I felt incomplete, still unhealed, and in despair of ever overcoming self-sabotaging insecurities. When I happened upon Dr. Steven Teagarden and Emergence, I sensed that the real source of my healing was to be found here. Sensing further that Emergence Care training would catalyze this healing, I opted to take it. I'm happy to say that my "knowing" was correct—although more so than I could ever have anticipated. — Judi; Sedona, Arizona


Emergence Care has transformed my life, inside and out. My internal world is much more peaceful, and my external world is met with more acceptance and harmony. I am able to make decisions about my life with less judgment, and the voice of honesty within me speaks loud and clear. I am able to authentically be with another person, without needing to know what it means or what to do next. I feel so much more relaxed and stable. At one point in my life, these qualities seemed almost unreachable. I didn't know they could flow through me so naturally. I am so thankful for my experiences with Emergence Care. It has changed my whole world. — Brandi; Arizona


After receiving 11 Emergence Care sessions in Module 1, I experienced what feels like a complete release of the tension/armoring in my back and neck, resulting in a freedom and ease of movement that I can't remember ever feeling. Also, another result is that I am able to breathe so much more deeply than I normally could. Friends have even commented that I walk in a more erect manner. I also have a sense that I don't need the armoring any longer that had built up as a defense from life's traumatic and painful events. There is a real sense of happiness and well-being. Thank you, Steven! — Brooke; California


I did not expect to have my symptoms leave entirely, seriously limiting symptoms which had kept me inactive and isolated for years. I did not expect to find that people enjoyed being with me. I did not expect to find courage. I did not expect to find me loving myself. Indeed, I didn't know that I hadn't been. Each new thing came as a complete surprise. — KM; Nebraska


Taking the EC practitioner training was like coming Home!

I have been studying many forms of Body Work and Energy Healing since the early nineties, yet despite finding many beautiful modalities, none of them truly called me to embrace and practice it fully. The EC training with Steven finally helped the missing pieces to fall into place, and the ever deepening journey is taking me to places I never thought I could reach!

On a professional level, I am thrilled like never before to share a body of work that I feel in complete alignment with. Its potential for healing in the truest sense leaves me continuously awed and deeply grateful.

On a personal level, I am experiencing a more profound attitude of allowance, more depth, peace, and heart opening. Layers of unconscious resistance are coming more and more into awareness to be faced. I feel a new level of openness with and connection to people, friends or strangers.

During the last module of our training, a huge piece of previously completely unconscious cultural/ancestral "psychic imprint" (for lack of a better word) came up to be released; the back ache I had arrived at the training with disappeared completely by the next day, and the frustrating blockage to going into deeper levels of Presence gave way to peace and ease!

With this repressed energy released, I feel like I am more in touch with my emotions than ever before, as, slowly, they, too, dare to emerge from whatever hiding places I had been stuffing them, notably my pelvis; the increase in kundalini energy available to flow more freely because of this is quite impressive! And this is just the beginning!!!!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Steven who made it all possible, and my love for this new-found family of beautiful, emerging souls! I do not regret a penny I spent on this training, and would/will gladly do it over and over again! And thanks to Steven, Nicole, and Roy, I feel well prepared to start my EC practice and share this gift with my clients! — Brighde; Eugene, OR


Since taking Module I, the person I knew at that time did a complete 360 into someone else…that self-styled positioned person that did this and that in the world, had certain habits, beliefs, friends, a lifestyle…everything seemed to be touched in some way or eliminated from that person. What was it that was so transformational, so powerful and revealing? Something went so deep into my very Truth core, Divine existence, and Universal essence that did some serious house-clearing on the way out! Getting back to my "life" was never so revealing. I did not fit…at all. Okay, so now what? Well, it didn't matter. I just knew I was back on track somehow. — Carmen; Canada


Thank you for the extraordinary gift of blissful, healing love energy! I am so hooked on Emergence Care! I want the world to know and experience this beautiful, powerful, transformative healing art form from the heart. My soul, my entire being thanks you, Steven. — Steve; Austin, TX