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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate

— Carl Jung

Our stories, and their effects on our health

Thoughts believed become stories - filtration systems through which all external and internally generated signals pass. Our stories operate automatically, below the level of awareness in our unconscious. Our sense of self - who we think we are - is our set of stories. Some of our stories lead to positive outcomes while others keep us lock step in a state of chronic stress. Our stories about life can be divided into various themes: politics, religion, art, science, education, morality, war, law, medicine, commerce, fashion, diet, love, health, healing and so on. Often it’s not truth that humans are concerned with, it’s about continuing the story. How many have died in the name of a story? He did this and she did that and the kids shouldn’t do this and I shouldn’t be in pain. Stories. We rarely know ourselves, others or circumstances. We know our stories about everything. And there are no true stories; there are just beliefs, “shoulds” about what happened and how life ought to be.

Stories are like software programs. A computer - or a mind - may have tremendous capacity, though it is limited by the software that runs it. And we’re like computers in that much of our software just came with us. It was installed by the manufacturer, and we just boot up these programs and run them. Or, more accurately, the programs boot themselves up and run us. And the same programs have been run so many times that we’re not even aware they’re running. They become automatic; they’re part of our unconscious. We’re unaware that our beliefs are just stories, just programs, and if they’re causing us to suffer, we could and ought to choose another program. I find that when people receive Emergence Care, it becomes much easier for them to examine their stories and begin to let go of the ones that no longer serve and replace them with ones that do.

Your stories determine the meaning you give to your perceptions, and this meaning becomes your life. In every moment, energy from the environment becomes biochemistry in your body which activates your DNA and determines your genetic expression, your emotional state, everything you feel and your baseline state of consciousness and creates and sustains your physical structure. All of this is mediated by your stories - by the thoughts you believe. The only way to change your experience of life is to change your perceptions of life, and the only way to change your perceptions is to change the way you feel - to change your emotional state, and the only way to change your emotional state is by changing the way you respond to life, to change your stories.

Emergence Care makes it possible to upgrade your internal storyteller, your neurological CPU and operating system, so that you can run stories that were previously unavailable. Stories that are far more complex and require a great deal more presence and connection. Stories that are more life serving, and reflect your higher human virtues. Stories that work for you, stories that work for life, stories that work for all.

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