Emergence Care Practitioner training: Prescott, Arizona

Emergence Care Practitioner Training Module I
Prescott, Arizona

Dates: April 4 - 9, 2017
Times: 9am - 7pm daily
Location: Prescott, AZ (details sent to registered participants)
Cost: $1333.33

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Module 1 April 2017

Emergence Care Pracitioner Training

Emergence Care is taught in three modules, spread out over the course of a year or so. The first two modules are six days, and the third module is eight days.

Dr. Teagarden is the developer of Emergence Care and has been teaching modules, in various formats, since 2011. These classes provide you with everything you need to become a skilled practitioner. These classes are not only for aspiring practitioners, but are also perfectly suited for anyone longing for connection and healing. Emergence Care training is truly life changing.

Please email emergencecare@gmail.com for more information.

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Module I curriculum includes:
• Theory and philosophy of Emergence Care
• Practical experience entering into & maintaining a state of Presence
• Practical experience identifying and interacting with subtle body
  structures to activate energy within the body system
• Basic neurology & spinal anatomy
• Basic energetic anatomy
• Business practices
• Client consultations and evaluations
• Practical experience providing Emergence Care sessions
• Deep personal healing through group Emergence sessions

Please email emergencecare@gmail.com for more information.