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Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness

— Richard Carlson

Dealing With Unhealthy Symptoms

What’s causing unhealthy symptoms to develop is a situation called armoring. When the brain and body become overwhelmed with stress and tension, our unconscious brain centers go into fight or flight mode. This state is designed to last only a few moments, though has become the baseline state through which all of humanity experiences life. In our world today, most people exist in a baseline state of chronic fight or flight response, or armoring – often with little awareness that this is even happening.

In a state of armoring, the unconscious brain isn’t able to send large amounts of incoming sensory data to the higher, conscious brain for deeper processing, and much of life is met through our lower, automatic brain centers. When the higher brain centers are unable to be present to life’s experiences, stress and tension actually builds up in the body and alters the posture, gait and perception. Without the higher brain fully participating, life is experienced through the filters of fear, worry, concern, lack, apathy, self-pity, inaction, check-out, auto-pilot, non-acceptance, external focus, judgment, black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, “them,” blame, eye for an eye, and so on. Life becomes about attempting to control outcomes and preventing things from ruining your day.

In this state, the unconscious brain determines that protecting your life is more important than selecting for states of peace and relaxation, and takes measures to ensure that this happens. The brain hardwires your cardiac and respiratory rhythms to actually become antagonistic to one another, and adrenaline is constantly pumped into your system to keep you on alert. Sleep disorders develop as the brain is unable to get out of fight or flight, affecting 40 million adults in the U.S. Unhealthy symptoms develop as a natural consequence of living life in a state of chronic armoring. Treating them solves nothing in the long term. The only thing that can make a difference is to enable a person to develop the means to evolve out of an armored state and into a state of safety, and then ultimately into a state of growth in which the underlying patterns of armoring can be undone and replaced with the ability to make empowered choice in life.

Emergence Care is one of the most powerful tools ever developed to assist people in the process of creating internally-based capacities for eliminating armoring. Once armoring begins to diminish, your brain, body and life naturally begin to exist in a state of ever-increasing safety. In safety, you recognize that you’re more relaxed and at ease. You deal with stress more effectively. You develop the ability to trust that things will work out. As you dissipate decades of accumulated stress and tension from your brain and body, you naturally have new choices available that weren’t previously there. As the baseline state through which you live life elevates more and more, a state of growth is entered in which you make choices from a state of connection.

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